What We Want: The TEN Platform

We want all transportation-related legislation, including economic stimulus legislation and the next federal transportation authorization act, to provide four things:


1)   Economic Growth for All Through Increased Access to Transportation-Related Jobs

  • Require that 30% of work hours for infrastructure and transportation projects be performed by low-income workers, ex-offenders, women, the homeless, and minority populations (the “Missouri Model” or “Green Construction Careers Model”).
  • Require that 1% of project budgets be used for the recruitment, training, and retention of under-represented workers in highway construction, transit, and rail projects.
  • Maximize the use of low-income apprentices and union labor.


2)   Access to Opportunity Through Increased Funding for Mass Transit

  • Shift the 80/20 imbalance in federal funding favoring highways over transit to include a significantly higher proportion of transit funding.
  • Allow public transit agencies to use federal mass transit funding for operating expenses.


3)   Accountability in Government Through Increased Community Input into Local and State Planning and Funding Processes

  • Ensure that representation of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and state Departments of Transportation reflect the diverse communities they serve, and ensure that their project goals include achieving equitable results.


4)   Sustainable Development Through Smart AND Equitable Growth

  • Develop mass transit systems both inside and outside urban centers to serve diverse communities.
  • Maximize the development of affordable housing in “transit villages.”
  • Minimize forced relocations from demolition.
  • Minimize the environmental impacts of development through ecologically friendly mass transit.