The TEN Vision for America


Repairing America’s current inequities, restoring our collective commitment to public life, and preparing ourselves for the next global economy all require powerful organizing to realize the promise of a single, united America—of one nation, indivisible—starting with our national transportation system. The Transportation Equity Network was founded on this fact, and is uniquely placed to realize the vision of a more just, prosperous, and connected America.

TEN's vision document, called "One Nation, Indivisible," combines a history and analysis of America's transportation inequities with a plan for the future.


More than ever, Americans are coming to understand that our transportation system shapes every aspect of how we live, work, and form communities. It also expresses our most basic values as a society. Fighting to change our current transportation system means rejecting the forces that leave us divided, fearful, and isolated. It means fighting to revitalize the national commitment to public life that made America possible. It means fighting to realize the original promise of American democracy—the dream of one nation, indivisible.


To download TEN's Vision Doc, click here (180 K PDF).