Laura Barrett on KPFK Radio: "Turning the Highway Bill into Pro-Transit Policy


Laura in classroomOn August 3, 2009, Laura Barrett, the Executive Director of TEN, appeared on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles to talk about the Federal Surface Transportation Act.

Listen to the radio show here: 

The Federal Surface Transportation Act is now up for its 6-year renewal. This year it will be worth $500 billion and is expected to pump millions into highways, roads 2009-08-03 Fransicaand public transportation systems in every local municipality. But with the bill tilted 80% in favor of the auto, a movement for public transportation is bringing together grassroots civil rights, environmental justice, and transit organizations to intervene in the bill's auto agenda. Our guests, Francisca Porchas, national coordinator for the Transit Riders for Public Transportation Campaign, and Laura Barrett director of the Transportation Equity Network, will discuss the current status of the bill and its importance for the climate, for transportation equity, public health and civil rights.