TEN Member BRIDGE Rallies for Transit in Baltimore


TEN member BRIDGE brought together clergy leaders and hundreds of members gathered in Baltimore on Aug. 4 to kick off their 'BRIDGE to Opportunity' transit expansion campaign. Congressman Elijah Cummings gave a powerful speech of support, and WBAL TV covered the event.
Other attendees were City Council President Jack Young, and Rob Easter, President of the Building and Construction Trades Labor Council. Supporters from the labor, smart growth, and workforce development communities were also on hand in a show of support for the campaign.

BRIDGE's campaign is working to ensure that construction of the proposed East-West Redline expansion primarily benefits the local communities most affected by the construction. The campaign is hoping that the transit investment will provide locals with career opportunities, small business development, and a more vibrant and connected local community.

WBAL's coverage of the rally can be found here: