VIDEO: NFTA will look at options for Lockport bus route


LOCKPORT, N.Y. — After a public hearing hosted by the Reinstate Bus Route 201 Coalition in Lockport Mondaym it looks like the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority route isn't going anywhere – for now.

"They told me that they were not hard and fast on the May 13th date where they were going to terminate service here in Lockport," State Senator George Maziarz said.

NFTA officials said they are taking a step back from their original plan to cut the route that averages about 39 riders per day. They’re currently looking at several options from expanding Route 44 to collaborating with local transit providers.

Maziarz said a county-run service with stops similar to the 201 could be an option.

"Maybe we can mesh these two routes together. We can, you know, we can provide this service with just one entity to provide it, either the NFTA or the county," Maziarz said.

Welcome news for coalition member Michael Boron, who’s spent more than a month working to save the route.

"If we come up, jointly, collectively, with a reasonable alternative for the long-term, that's the key thing," Boron said.

Maziarz said a meeting about combining the bus routes is likely to take place within the next several weeks and will include a representative from the coalition.

In the meantime, coalition members Charlie Jones said he’ll continue to circulate petitions before sending them off to Albany next month, hoping to be a voice for their city.

"We have to take on the fight that the normal person can't take on," Jones said.

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